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KAWASAKI, Japan- “With the Olympic Games, the Transpacific Trade Partnership, and worldwide industrialization in general, the demand is great for those in Kawasaki’s growing industries to talk English,” this can be a personal declaration produced by Mr. Damien La Greca, the main Executive Official of Creative Kids International Preschool.

  • This is actually the ideal haven for your children. A fulfillment-guaranteed college in which your children.

“Creative Children is here now to satisfy, and ultimately get rid of, this expanding long term require,” he added. This really is his assurance the sole reason for the organization is offer an excellent company to Kawasaki’s younger population.

Australian-born, Japanese citizen Damien has sought to fulfill Kawasaki’s requirement for an affordable, exciting as well as an exciting atmosphere for kids in Japan to understand the English vocabulary. He have been doing work for this eyesight because 2006.

Kids in Japan to understand the English

He, together with his group of qualified employees, means you that the child’s early beginnings are positioned, which will ultimately make means for his/her bright future. This unique place using the excellent services is an indication of a child-friendly environment.

Mr. Los angeles Greca’s Innovative Children have agreed upon an exclusive license agreement with Worldwide Preschool Curriculum (IPC), the world’s leading worldwide earlier childhood training organization.

Everything begins in the base. Using the regular that the college units, we guarantee that the kid will enjoys the best solutions and treatment. It has been the primary goal of our team, to use the techniques of instructing with a little twist of creativity.

Most of us have have the facilities that your youngsters require and we plan to deliver more. The school has been prepared to cater excellent but inexpensive learning that your children need in their youth. This only shows that we are the one which you have been looking for.

To deliver more The

Innovative Children is going to be ecstatic to talk to you about us and how dedicated our college is to draw out the best of Kawasaki’s youth.

The staff of this organization are very well-trained to give your children highest treatment and assistance. You will feel a feeling of assurance that they will furthermore the task but will go for an additional mile to create your kids relaxed and enjoy their remain.

Go for an additional mile

You will notice our properly-developed facilities, might it be for learning or enjoying. It provides themed activities that will help the younger decades understand about the culture of Japan and around the globe.

This is actually the perfect haven for your children. A satisfaction-assured school where your children can get the best training by having fun and flourishing their creativity.

It accommodates children from six months old to 6 calendar year-aged aspirants to learn the The english language Vocabulary in a early age. This in hope to development that possible by joining fun yet safe activities that the school provides. Last 2016, the Chief Executive Official of Innovative Kids, Damien La Greca, started the idea of bringing to China a qualified but affordable worldwide preschool for the Kawasaki youth. Therefore the development of Creative Kids International Preschool.

Started began the idea of the concept

This is the perfect haven for your children. A satisfaction-assured college where your kids can get the best education with enjoyable and flourishing their creativeness.

Is the perfect haven for your

Creative Kids International Preschool

For: Age groups 6 months To 6 years old

Open up: M - F, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Telephone: 81 044-223-8689

Stick to us on FB: https://www.facebook or




  • Open up: M - F, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Stick to us on FB: https://www.facebook or
  • We have all possess the services that the children require so we intend to deliver much more..

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